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On the rare occasions that me and all of my sisters are in the same place at the same time it’s, in a word, chaotic. We’re definitely fighting, we’re telling jokes and referencing things that nobody understands besides the four of us, and we’re annoying our parents. I wanted to encapsulate the playful nature of sisterhood in my portfolio. My relationship with my sisters is complicated and I have a different relationship with each of them, but it’s hard for me to describe my connection with them in words, so I attempted to do it in my photographs.

I attempted to convey this sense of playfulness by editing my photographs in photoshop. I began to compile my portfolio by going through my daily photographs and flagging any pictures that reminded me of my sister. The photographs I chose ranged from pictures of things that seemed to have a sister-like relationship with one another (like a photograph of a flower bush) to pictures of things that reminded me of the quality of my relationship with my sisters (such as a picture of a cactus). I then matched up photos to emphasize both the harmony and the discord that exists in my familial relationships. Once I had compiled a group of photos, I started to take more photographs with my theme in mind. Thankfully, family weekend was Saturday, February 29, so I was able to see my sister and take pictures of her.

While photographing and editing, I was heavily influenced by Justine Kurland and Lucas Blalock. I liked that the viewer could feel how comfortable Kurland’s subjects were with her, and I felt that her photos were extremely natural and really captured genuine moments. Blalock’s influence impacted how I edited my photos. He uses photoshop not to simply enhance preexisting aspects of his photos, but to turn them into something completely new. I wanted to integrate his approach to photoshop and photo editing into my work.